‘New site safety role’

Building Safety Manager

A 'Super CDM' professional role ...

... requires a “gelling of competences” ...

Construction projects will require a new role that combines several existing competences in order to meet a single, overarching set of safety requirements in the future – if the Hackitt recommendations are implemented.

That’s according to Martin Cox, head of health and safety and CDM at construction and property consultancy Pellings, who has been examining the report.

Cox said Dame Judith Hackitt’s recommendations following her independent review into Building Regulations and fire safety would require a “gelling of competences”.

He explained: “Currently, a construction project will normally have a project manager, an architect, a quantity surveyor, and a structural engineer, plus other roles.

“Many of these professionals operate in their own specialist area, but the Hackitt recommendations require an understanding of how all these competencies meld together. Combining these areas of knowledge into one set of safety requirements will require professional knowledge across the CDM spectrum. There is no standardised accreditation for this process.”


The ICM Academy and associated Train-Eze team brings together accredited educationalists, NVQ assessors, Internal quality assurance experts, experienced training mentors, audit experts all managed and administered with expertise from a previous background experience of senior management of the previous Open University Awarding Body into a unique special body of expertise working with award-winning authors of CDM expertise ...

If the UK government decides to implement the Hackitt recommendation and sets up a new Joint Competence Authority [JCA] for HRRBs [High Rise Residential Buildings] to which the new empowered 'super CDM' Building Safety Managers will report the ICM Academy will focus upon the criteria for a standardised accreditation in its CDM Competence Registry


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