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Step into the future of construction safety and competence with us as we unveil our latest endeavor: a dynamic media channel designed to revolutionize the industry!

Out of the Shadows... Meet Eric Risk!

My dear friend Alan Turing said on the BBC in 1951 ' is not altogether unreasonable to describe digital computers as brains...For any one calculation the whole procedure that the machine is to go through is planned out in advance by a mathematician. The less doubt there is about what is going to happen the better the mathematician is is fair to say that the machine doesn't originate anything...If it is accepted that real brains, as found in animals, and in particular in men, are a sort of machine it will follow that our digital computer suitably programmed, will behave like a brain...I think it is probable for instance that at the end of the [20th] century it will be possible to programme a machine to answer questions in such a way that it will be extremely difficult to guess whether the answers are being given by a man or by the machine.'

My eighteenth birthday is on 31st May 2024 ─ how time flies! ─ it seems only yesterday when I served my time within the learning circle of and back then the digital age was only in its infancy ─ but, I had a great learning journey with the more than 17,000 in-house local authority property and construction professionals who trained well on my platform ...

Gone are the days of safety lurking in the shadows. Say hello to Eric Risk, I'm going to be your beacon of knowledge and guardian of construction excellence. With my trusty clipboard and signature yellow hard hat, think of me as your friend Eric who embodies a commitment to Eliminate, Reduce, Inform, and Control safety risks across the construction landscape ...

Introducing Vision Construct - Your Gateway to Safety and Competence!

Embark on a journey of discovery with our carefully curated content, meticulously crafted to deliver quick, digestible insights into construction safety and competence. From Safety Bytes to Tasty Takeaways, we've got you covered with the latest tips, tricks, and best practices

  • Expert Insights: Access exclusive interviews and advice from industry leaders.
  • Quick Bites: Get your daily dose of safety knowledge in convenient, bite-sized chunks.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with our community through polls, Q&A sessions, and more.
  • Shadowman Returns: Witness the resurgence of our iconic figure, now reborn as Eric Risk, ready to guide you through the hazards of construction.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for the grand unveiling of the Vision Construct Channel! Together, let's build a safer, more competent future for the construction industry.

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The wisdom and visions of Eric Risk FIConstM

My thoughts on the Golden Thread of Information under the Building Safety Act 2022 to assist better understanding of what is is and what it can become in the hands of competent professions ...

Click here to Listen to my second message to you spoken with my great new voice I'm so excited to have ... 

A piece of plastic won't make anyone competent!

My thoughts on the CSCS card scheme

Click here to listen to truth about the CSCS skills card and its true relevance in the industry

... and, hey, who do you think I sort of bumped into on the internet ─ the one and only Max Headroom Jr. ─ he claims to be the son of "the first computer-generated TV presenter" ─ we had a great chat while we ate our RAM Burger and crispy chips at the Kent-USB fast-food drive-through with plenty of juice

Click here to see and hear our conversation in the Virtual space ─ and, entirely in my own words too!

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