The ICM Train-Eze Pathway™


About the ICM Train-Eze Pathway™

The Registrar of the Online Training Academy operated by the Institute of Construction Management ensures that all of its training provision is independently audited in accordance with ISO9001 standards.   The training transcript records on the CDM Competence Registry™ are independently inspected periodically by appropriately qualified experts and certificated to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and reliability are maintained.

Part of the learning experience of progressing through the course includes the submission of a number of written assignments.   Assignments are assessed by independent experts  and marked fairly and consistently to set standards to ensure reliability of outcomes.

It is important that there is absolute clarity of the outcome of the attainment of any training so that those who require to be assured a person has the required level of skills, knowledge, and experience may rely upon the transcript of those on the CDM Competence Registry™ [subject to verification that the person is in current membership on the Register and the Registration Team can provide proof]

About Train-Eze

Train-Eze is an independently managed team of appropriately qualified education and training experts contracted to operate to provide service to ICM. The team includes accredited educationalists, NVQ assessors, Internal quality assurance experts, experienced training mentors, and audit experts.

The ICM Executive provides this level of independent expertise to ensure complete and total trust in its online platform.  

The Train-Eze team independently monitors, audits and certificates the CDM Competence Registry™ and manages the ICM Traine-Eze Pathway™ on the ICM online training portal to ISO9001 standards and reports directly to the ICM Executive Director of Education.    This unique partnership is intended to provide those Clients and their advisors who commission construction projects and building operations in the UK with a robust level of trust and reliability in the achievements gained through learning from the ICM Academy Online

Options for Learners on the Pathway

Certificate of CDM Knowledge awarded by the Institute of Construction Management and entry onto the CDM Competence Registry™

Attained through successful completion of the online course.

Continuation of current inclusion on the ICM Competence Registry™ beyond one year after award is subject to maintaining appropriate record of Continuing Professional Development which, as a minimum, will include remaining a member taking the ICM CPD online modular update(s) when released from time to time.

Level 6 Accredited Diploma

A modular program is under construction and the assessment strategy will be made available and published shortly. 

The Level 6 Diploma in CDM will be based upon a Case Study. The Case Study will be work related around the working activities of the Learner.   The subject of each Case Study will be agreed by the Train-Eze Team and an agreed synopsis will be registered by ICM at the outset.   The strategy of the Supervisor and Counselor assigned to each Learner will be agreed at the outset and the Strategic Assessment Plan will be registered by ICM at the outset.

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