Board of Directors and Current Appointed Officers

David Jones FIConstM
Ben Lyle
Appointment of New Directors [2024]

The Institute of Construction Management is currently open seeking several new Directors to come onto the Board in 2024 to build on the legacy of its 182 years since its 1842 founding and share the duties leading the Institute into the new landscape of Building Safety and Fire Safety ...

Expression of Interest / Nominations always welcome from volunteers able to bring special expertise for unique not-for-profit objectives please apply on the Contact link

Details to be announced

Executive body of subscribers of ICM 2024++

Roy Blamey FIConstM
President of ICM Membership Body
David Jones FIConstM
Vice President of ICM Membership Body

Competence is Key to the future!

Safety is No Accident!

Appointments to the Executive Body

Nominations and referrals will shortly be invited from paid up Members and Fellows to form a new Executive Body during 2024

The new Executive Body will steer ICM in the new culture of Building Safety and Fire Safety and work collaboratively across industry to ensure the new culture of compliance under the Building Safety Act 2022 and its statutory secondary regulation is properly and appropriately applied to enable commissioning clients and service users to trust the high integrity of ICM membership and registrations

Executive Body Heads

Head of Membership & Registration
Person specification
Head of Business Dev / Collaborations
Person specification
Head of Competence
Person specification
Head of Education & Training
Person specification
Head of Policy & Purpose
Person specification
Head of Finance / Investment
Person specification
Head of Administration / GDPR / IP
Person specification
Head of Comms, IT, & web services
Person specification
Head of Legals & Compliance
Person specification
Regional Secretaries
Elected by each Region
Conferred for Industy recognition
Compassionate dedication

All appointments of new officers made under rule to the Executive Body of The Institute of Construction Management and/or the ICM Members Benevolent Fund will be subject to an independent third-party credential and credit checks prior to final appointment.

These steps are taken to ensure the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and compliance of our esteemed institute originally founded in 1842. The independent third-party credential check will help us verify and validate the qualifications and credentials of prospective officers, thereby upholding the standards set forth by The Companies Act 2006.

We believe that this measure will contribute to the transparency and credibility of our leadership and further enhance the unique reputation of The Institute of Construction Management and the ICM Members Benevolent Fund.

Regions of ICM 2024++

ICM already has a network of professional members right across all four nations of the UK and from overseas nations and territories including uniquely the PRC

During 2024++ the ICM will undertake a transitional root and branch review building on a proud unique legacy but, now to build each of its regions ideally with two representatives on the Executive Body of Subscribers so your views and experiences can be shared with the ICM community and everyone can support one another.

The Executive Body of Subscribers provides the permanent voice of all Construction Leadership Professionals and to ensure members are always at the heart of the ICM and your opinions carry real weight.

Come in and be part of the solution not the problem!

Safety is No Accident and Competence is Key!

At the heart of the Institute of Construction Management's visionary mission lies the commitment to establish Local Learning Hubs (LLHs) as beacons of knowledge and innovation, strategically positioned wherever the need arises. The Institute envisions a collaborative network that seamlessly integrates industry leaders, other relevant bodies, and educational institutions. While the HQ Executive Body of Subscribers guides and shares the overarching themes and strategic direction, it is the LLHs that will be the vital force at the grassroots level. Positioned as the dynamic interface at the local level, these hubs will operate at the cutting edge of construction management, catalyzing creativity and cultivating solutions that address the unique challenges of specific regions. The Institute's vision is not just about imparting knowledge but fostering a collaborative ecosystem where the LLHs emerge as the epicenters of transformative change, shaping the future of construction management through synergy and localized expertise.

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ICM Membership

Our "Open Door" policy encourages all practitioners in the construction management team to learn more about the Institute of Construction Management, and to invite you to contact the membership department through our contact page for an ICM Information Pack.
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