Membership of the ICM can aid your career success through development of your professional skills by promoting best practice and quality standards in your profession, achieving best value for your customers.

About The Institute of Construction Management

Here at ICM our Team are currently developing  some important courses from Construction Management; Health and Safety in the workplace; CDM 2015 for Statutory Duty Holders and their support teams ~ together with associated tests and assessments that will be made available across the wide construction sector ... and, it's independently third-party audited by experts to ISO9001 standards - so you all know it reliably counts!

The ICM CDM Competence Registry™ will provide the Construction Sector and Commissioning Clients with the reliable means to know that ALL those construction professionals who have gained accreditation sufficient to be duly entered onto the Register [and are able to show they have a current Registration Number] have undergone a robust review of their skills, knowledge and expertise relevant to the work categories registered against them.

National CDM Competence Registry™®

The ICM are making the National CDM Competence Registry™® available as a cross-sector facility open to all construction and property professionals, their supporters and commissioning clients ... essentially to foster a new culture of safe construction fit for the future.
The ICM CDM Competence Registry™® is unique in its purpose – a purpose central across the sector needs to be controlled to keep it true to its intended purpose so that all who come to trust and rely on levels of understanding will know the standards applied and the capabilities of those registered members ... so the ICM has protected this under an international Trademark simply to ensure the central core pillars are not corrupted ... those core pillars of competence:
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Expertise
Our Courses

ICM Regions - a learning community with an open door!

For Beginners and Experts
"All members of the construction management team are welcomed and range from students to managing directors, site supervisors to senior project managers, engineers of all persuasions, educationalists and trainers to all surveyors, artisans to designers, demolition engineers to planners etc."
Director of Education & Training
- David Jones
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