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A good time to join the Institute of Construction Management

Why a qualified workforce?

  • ─ Raise Standards

    ─ Improve Performance

    ─ Create positive image to customers

Is there a legal requirement to comply?

  • ─ CDM 2015 states that clients are absolutely duty-bound to ensure all who are commissioned and appointed to undertake any design or building work are competent

  • ─ The reverse burden of proof is on the dutyholder to comply

What defines competency?

  • ─ Clients require evidence of expertise

    ─ A Construction Qualification demonstrates level of preparation, commitment and pride in performance

What about minor domestic work?

  • ─ CDM Regulations regarding competency also apply to domestic house builders, roof repairers, decorators and general maintenance works

What are the benefits of qualifications?

  • ─ Becomes a 'passport' to further career opportunities and an increased order book

    ─ Offers clients a confidence and assurance in one's ability to carry out work to an acceptable standard

CDM Competence Registry™®

  • ─ Certified record of attainment

    ─ Independently audited

    ─ Immutable proof of competence

    ─ ISO9001 standards applied

Sysmax and the Institute of Construction Management forge digital innovation in building competence registers through pioneering new partnership

We are excited to announce a pioneering partnership with the Institute of Construction Management (ICM) to bring digital innovation to the ICM Competence Register Trilogy. This transformative collaboration builds upon both brands’ rich legacy of promoting competence within, among others, the construction industry. Sysmax CEO Peter McAteer and David Jones, ICM Director, are both well known for their passion and leadership on competency, compliance and risk management. The new collaboration will build on the obvious synergies.

David Jones comments: “The ICM has a rich legacy of innovation in construction safety including the landmark launch of a National CDM Competence Registry in 2018 which laid the foundation for the ICM’s commitment to recognising and fostering competence within the construction industry, setting high standards for safety and quality. We are thrilled to partner with Sysmax on this transformative journey. ICM’s legacy in competency recognition, coupled with Sysmax’s technological prowess, will reshape the way professionals in the construction industry showcase their expertise and collaborate.”

Peter McAteer adds: “The partnership between Sysmax and the ICM marks the next phase in this legacy of excellence. Beginning with the Principal Designer Register, Sysmax will employ our technological expertise and cutting-edge, user-friendly platform for professionals to showcase their competencies, connect with peers, and access critical industry resources. This digital innovation will extend to the Principal Contractor and Building Safety Manager registers, culminating in a trilogy of digital solutions that promise to streamline competence validation, foster collaboration, and elevate safety and quality standards within the construction industry.

“We are in a landscape which recognises that even though we’re five years on from the Hackitt Report and progress has been made, we still have a long way to go. The social building supply chain is under scrutiny now more than ever thanks to the Building Safety Act (BSA) which came into effect on the 1st of April 2023 and will have full implementation by October 2023. As the construction industry continues to evolve, the partnership between Sysmax and ICM represents a monumental leap forward in promoting excellence, inclusivity, and safety within the sector.”

New unique Principal Designer RegistrationPAS 8671:2022

The PAS 8670 Framework was sponsored by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC). Its development was facilitated by BSI Standards Limited and it was published under licence from The British Standards Institution. It came into effect on 31 July 2022

PAS 8670 Framework sets the thresholds of competence that individuals operating as Principal Designers appointed as Duty Holders under the Building Safety Act 2022 are expected to meet.

The Institute of Construction Management has created  domain-specific competence frameworks for the Construction Sector ─ 2023++ ─  it must be understood the PAS 8670 is not a sector specific framework itself but guides organizations in developing domain-specific competence frameworks to agree the learning pathways, validation methods (including the required standards of evidence to support validation), and terms and conditions of certification and revalidation

For the purposes of demonstrating competence to work as Principal Designers, individual designers are now able to obtain accredited independent assessment, expert opinion, and certification that is aligned to the PAS to verify their competence has been independently third-party audited in a secure, reliable, consistent ISO9001 quality managed proof of appropriate Knowledge, Skills, Expertise, Capability, Behaviors, Attitude upon which an appointing commissioning client may use to consider such appointment.


The Institute of Construction Management provides a unique opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the construction industry.

The Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum, with accepted industry courses provided from our own team and also from wider industry too - ranging from basic construction management principles to advanced topics, allowing students to develop a deep understanding of the field using the best available sources of knowledge.

With a focus on practical, hands-on learning, the Institute provides students with the tools and resources needed to become successful construction managers.

The Institute also offers a variety of networking opportunities, giving students the chance to meet and interact with industry professionals and potential employers. Through these connections, students can gain invaluable insight into the industry, as well as make important contacts for future job opportunities.

Furthermore, joining the Institute of Construction Management gives you access to a variety of resources, from textbooks and online materials to in-depth tutorials and discussions. With these resources, you can stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices in the industry, allowing you to be more competitive in the job market.

Finally, the Institute of Construction Management provides a supportive learning environment. The faculty and staff at the Institute are dedicated to helping students reach their goals, and the supportive community of peers can provide invaluable support.

By joining the Institute of Construction Management, you are taking an important step towards the future and gaining the Key to Competence ─ and Competence is the Key to unlock the Gateways!






A defining book of our time uniquely bringing together a body of around ninety subject expert authors at what can only be regarded as one of the most critical stages in the recent timeline of the industry ─ marks a paradigm shift into new ways of working and procuring construction

A unique member-led professional body with a true not-for-profit benevolent heart managed and directed by volunteers who ensure our ‘Open Door’ policy encourages all practitioners in the construction management team to lead by example ...

Wide collaboration adds value to the measurement of competency across the sector ─ define a de facto standard and understanding of competence to  allow skillsets to be transferable from one site or employer to another in certain trust of competence

Founded in 1842

True to its original objectives; registering, combining and educating

Incorporated in 1974 ─ at the time the Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act came into force across the UK

Challenging and championing the cultural change of the Building Safety Act 2022 in open, honest, transparent integrity ─ selflessly and objectively providing accountability for those professionals who subscribe to our ICM principles

The following videos are selected for sectoral interest and the ICM accepts no liability whatsoever for the content ─ video selection is liable to change so, keep returning ─ please use the CONTACT US to report any concerns



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