ICM Membership

We've Pursued the Same Goal Since the Beginning

All members of the construction management team are welcomed and range from students to managing directors, site supervisors to senior project managers, engineers of all persuasions, educationalists and trainers to all surveyors, artisans to designers, demolition engineers to planners etc.


We Have a Long and Successful History

The earliest record of an organisation representing construction site supervisors and now part of the Institute of Construction Management is that of the London Provident Association of Builders Foremen and Clerks of Works, founded in 1842.

Their prime objectives were to improve the knowledge and status of their members and to provide pensions and other financial aid for those with poor health etc. (This being before the days of national financial assistance).

Although some records were lost during enemy action in World War 2, it is known that the National Federation of Builders Foremen and Clerks of Works was formed in 1920, from a group of local Associations including those from Birmingham, Bristol, Sheffield, London and the London Provident.

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Benefits of Membership ─ [2024 Subscription]

Members gain many benefits with the Institute

These include:-
  • Professional & competency recognition
  • Designatory letters after their name & a membership certificate
    • Student       - certificated membership 
      • £45 joining cost - £0 annual fee during studies
      • a non-competitive bursary is available based on financial need - Contact Us
    • Associate    -   AIConstM
      • one-off £45 joining admin fee
      • £145 annual membership subscription
    • Member      -   MIConstM
      • one-off £45 joining admin fee or upgrade fee from associate
      • £155 annual membership subscription
    • Fellow         -   FIConstM
      • one-off £85 upgrade fee
      • £165 annual membership subscription
    • [NB. Joining & Upgrade fees are one-off non-refundable admin charges]
  •  Networking opportunities with like minded practitioners
  • An information resource & communications hub via our website
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) lectures & presentations at their assigned region
  • A strong voice for the profession
  • Local and national newsletters keeping members informed
  • A full social calendar with many varied events held locally and nationally
  • A benevolent fund to support those experiencing hardship
  • Experience gained in holding an institute office
  • Lifelong friendships

As a member you would be expected to maintain the high standards expected of our members as described in the Code of Professional Conduct and Institute Rules

All personal information held is subject to the Data Protection Act and is not shared with any third parties.

The process for joining the Institute is relatively simple and follows the course outlined below:-

  1. Complete the online application form;
  2. Submit the application form, copied certificates & CV and £45 application fee to the Director of Membership;
  3. A professional interview may be considered necessary;
  4. Offer of a membership grade;
  5. Payment of the annual membership fee for the particular grade; and
  6. Award and welcome pack for membership to the Institute.


We operate an open door policy that offers a place for everyone in the profession to one of 5 main grades of membership, namely:-

  • Student – is a person studying for management position within the construction industry
  • Associate – is a member who is in middle management with daily responsibilities for the delivery of construction related services with at least an NVQ level 3 or equivalent
  • Member – is a member who is likely to be in senior management position with major responsibilities for delivery of major projects and has achieved at least NVQ  level 4 or equivalent
  • Fellow – is a member who has been awarded the highest accolade the Institute can bestow for significant services to the Institute and/or the construction industry, as agreed by the Committee of Fellows within the Institute

Progression through the grades is dependent upon meeting the requirements of the next grade and satisfying the Executive Council of the Institute.

For those reaching retirement age, a concessionary Retirement grade is available with Life membership automatically awarded to members over 80 years of age, with free membership thereafter.

The Institute maintains an overseas secretariat covering 14 countries worldwide.


  • Corporate Member Organisation (CMO) – is any business operating under a business entity and typically could include multi regional, national and/or international organisations and bodies who satisfy the requirements of the Executive Council. The main object for this membership is to demonstrate a professional organisation operating within the construction industry. An annual fee will be based upon the size of the organisation ... 
  • An annual fee will be charged [2024 rates]
    • Micro      - [1 - 10 employed]         - £350 initial joining fee      - £250 annual fee
    • Small      - [11 - 50 employed]       - £590 initial joining fee      - £475 annual fee
    • Medium - [51 - 250 employed]     - £850 initial joining fee      - £700 annual fee
    • Large      - [251 + employed]          - £1400 initial joining fee   - £1200 annual fee
  • Corporate Member Organisations will be expected to have at least two Institute members in senior positions employed within the company organisation structure.

ICM Membership

Our "Open Door" policy encourages all practitioners in the construction management team to learn more about the Institute of Construction Management, and to invite you to contact the membership department through our contact page for an ICM Information Pack.
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