Building Safety Bill ─ Draft regulations published

Draft regulations for delegated powers proposed in the Building Safety Bill, published to assist parliamentarians and others with understanding the contents of the Bill

The Higher-Risk Buildings (Descriptions and Supplementary Provisions) Regulations [2021]



The Building (Appointment of Persons, Industry Competence and Dutyholders) (England) Regulations [2021]



The Intellectual Property Office awarded Trademark Protection exclusively to The Institute of Construction Management [ICM] in 2018 for the Registration of Competence ... more here

The ICM CDM Competence Registry™® is unique in its purpose – a purpose central across the sector needs to be controlled to keep it true to its intended purpose so that all who come to trust and rely on levels of understanding will know the standards applied and the capabilities of those registered members ... so the ICM has protected this under an international Trademark simply to ensure the central core pillars are not corrupted ...  those core pillars of competence ~ skills – knowledge – expertise ...

The ICM CDM Competence Registry™® has protection under the widest Trademark Class 35 which totally encompasses the intended unique purpose ...   but this is not about creating commercial exclusivity for the ICM or any other body, it’s more about building a true standard to focus the sector onto the original safety intent as a cultural measurable set of competences of all construction professionals ...

The ICM has its founding in 1842 and has remained a true member led registered charity ... historic timeline here  The original Founder Association from which the Institute of Construction Management was established - The London and Provident Associations for Builders Foremen and Clerk of Works ─ its main original objectives of registering, combining and educating its membership ─ those have never changed and ICM still operates its open door policy with its current mission 

► To encourage and support the promotion of safety and professionalism within the construction industry; to increase awareness of CDM for key project personnel; ─ and

► To provide a learning journey for all those who wish to start or continue a career in construction management ─ and

► To create and sustain key relationships with fellow professional bodies to promote a common benchmarks from which to mutually promote professional and safety standards, best working practices to drive efficiency and effectiveness across the sector ─ and

► To promote awareness of career opportunities and pathways within the industry in order to encourage the current and future youth generations to think positively about career choices in the industry

The construction sector has largely lost the trust of the innocent users who have to rely upon the competent ability of the professionals - individuals and their organisations - to create safe places for the community.  As the Grenfell Inquiry into the tragic fire continues to examine the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the fire at Grenfell Tower on the night of 14 June 2017 moves ever forward and continues to expose the incompetence of the sector and revelations as to just how low the culture has fallen, it will be some time before the full findings of the judge led proceedings are eventually published ... 

... as 2021 draws to a close police were allegedly called when angry families confronted housing officials at Clare House tower block in Bow, after having been unexpectedly ordered by the responsible owners to immediately evacuate their homes because of “structural” dangers ─ a 22-storey block built by a similar large panel system (LPS) industrial method of load-baring concrete panels bolted together as the infamous Ronan Point in Canning Town, which partially collapsed in 1968 when some of the panels were blown out in a gas explosion, killing three people.  Although the remnants of Ronan Point tower was demolished, many similar LPS blocks of social housing were allowed to remain to be superficially refurbished but with the legacy of uncertainty as to structural stability and safety from the range of defects and concealed poor construction!

The ICM remains true to its founding principles - but, since 2017 has embraced the new digital age by collaborating with leading software organisations and data science expertise to explore transition and transformation - establishing a number of Working Groups and proposals to engage widely across the sector ... click on the image to explore the ICM's 2021 Mission, Vision and Strategy plan going forward

The ICM now invites all parts of the Construction Industry and its actors - many of whom are currently working in silos, separation, with own commercial agendas, to come together in common purpose to establish a common set of understanding of what it must do to restore the trust of the innocent community it serves.

The ICM's unique and exclusive Trademark is protected by statute and unlawful infringement and abuse enforced in the High Court's Intellectual Property and Enterprise court.  However, Expressions of Interest to be legitimately licensed* under the Trademark must be made to the ICM and the IP Officer maintains a Register of Licenses which is available to Trading Standards across the UK.   [*Terms and Conditions apply]

Expressions of Interest should be made via the ICM CONTACT US message

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