Tech Update: Modern Methods of Construction

LABC has issued an important Tech Update on Modern Methods of Construction and the Building Regulations

As more and more Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are being put to use in the construction industry each year the interest in MMC has extended to the construction of housing as they potentially represent savings in time and materials and it is claimed they provide higher standards of quality than more traditional methods of construction.

LABC point out the issue with MMC is that, as they are often new, the Building Regulations haven’t always kept up with them as well as they should have. What this means is that the rules on how to utilise MMC for a new build can be unclear, which can lead developers to make mistakes. In this Tech Update LABC aim to highlight key points on utilising MMC in developments as well as giving an overview of the suitability of systems and components.

Key Points to consider

  • Off-site assembly means quicker erection times on site and weather tight construction achieved much faster
  • The accurate setting out of foundations etc. needs to be well managed
  • Modern methods of construction, in particular modular systems and large panel systems, will require advanced planning of the site for access, off-loading, installation and possible storage of systems
  • MMC systems have their construction, design and layout planned well in advance so any last minute changes will need to be avoided by utilising good project management from the offset. What is known in the industry as a ‘design freeze’ should be imposed in advance of the production commencing in the factory
  • Quality of your end product will largely depend on accurate assembly on-site by factory trained or authorised Specialist Contractors
  • Modern methods of construction generally take advantage of standardised construction and may have issues when it comes to adapting to complex architectural or planning and design requirements. Additional testing may be required to ensure standards for durability and weather tightness can be achieved e.g. incorporating flat roof drainage outlets through close panel parapet extensions.

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