What’s the shape of ‘Competence’ eh!

Questions: who's design is this? - erh, would YOU do that?

So, how many local authorities/ tenants associations/ building companies/ architects etc around the country are looking at photos coming out in the media and thinking "oh - but we did that/ we've just done that on Project X ......"

The Judge led Inquiry into the sad Grenfell Residential Tower fire tragedy has now entered Phase 2 of the Hearing where the experts are presenting their evidence ~ almost at the start of giving evidence, a particularly damning report Arup fire expert Dr Barbara Lane described a culture of non compliance at Grenfell with led to the catastrophic rapid spread of the fire, causing 72 deaths.

Dr Lane suggests that reconfigured replacement windows in the building allowed the fire in flat 16 [accepted as the flat from where the fire started] to escape to non-compliant combustible cladding panels and insulation which was “substantially to blame for the tragedy” ...

David Jones who is now our Director of Education at The Institute of Construction Management has extensive personal hands-on expertise of the window replacement sector in social housing across the UK in his previous experience as a Chartered Surveyor and Project Manager in addition to his experience as a designer engineering major curtain walling projects on clad iconic structures around the World has started several blogs on Linkedin addressing the Critical Design Issue that sadly seems to have been incompetently dealt with! ... the Inquiry will, no doubt, want to examine the Information Flows that have to happen as a statutory requirement in compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015


Do you need to prove you're competent? - of course you do! - but how do you do that? - the Institute of Construction Management has created an open sector wide CDM Competence Registry™ for professionals at all levels and from all disciplines which is independently audited and certified by accredited experts to ISO9001 standards ~ so, if and when YOU make the grade and are admitted onto the Registry you will have that clear proof ... so, what have you got to lose


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