The Building Safety Act is a significant piece of legislation that aims to improve building safety in England. In relation to the framework of PAS 8670, which provides guidance on the competence of individuals appointed to key roles in building safety, we recognize the need for a robust register of competence for Principal Contractors.

To perform the statutory appointed role of a Principal Contractor for each type of building project, the following data criteria will be captured in the ICM register of competence:

  1. Educational Background:
    • Relevant qualifications in construction management, engineering, or a related field.
  1. Professional Experience:
    • Proven track record in managing construction projects of varying complexities.
    • Previous experience as a Principal Contractor or in similar leadership roles.
  1. Health and Safety Training:
    • Evidence of comprehensive health and safety training for construction sites.
    • Certification in relevant health and safety courses.
  1. Knowledge of Building Regulations and Standards:
    • Familiarity with Building Regulations, relevant British and international standards, and industry best practices.
  1. Project Management Skills:
    • Ability to effectively plan, execute, and manage construction projects while ensuring compliance with safety requirements.
  1. Risk Management Competence:
    • Demonstrated ability to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with construction projects.
  1. Supply Chain and Subcontractor Management:
    • Experience in managing subcontractors and suppliers to ensure safety and quality standards.
  1. Communication and Collaboration:
    • Strong communication skills for effective coordination among project stakeholders.
  1. Building Safety Compliance:
    • Understanding of fire safety regulations, evacuation procedures, and emergency response plans.
  1. Continuous Professional Development:
    • Evidence of ongoing learning and development within the construction and safety domain.


The Building Safety act provides for duty holder roles, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor who are accountable for the safety of the delivered building. Accepting these two statutory roles may not always be fully site-based and are required by law to assure the competence of those working on the building, standard was developed by Working Group 9 (Site Supervisors) of the Competence Steering Group (CSG) established by the Industry Response Group (IRG) and was issued in January 2023

The CIOB  framework will help in identifying and Individuals who work on-site and provide support to the Principal Contractor, either as employees of the Principal Contractor's organization or as the leading individuals of contracting organizations, are referred to as "Site Supervisors." In order to establish core competencies for Site Supervisors, who act as the eyes and ears of the principal contractorvalidating the competence of site-based supervisors or managers.

It is essential to continually update and review the register of competence to reflect changes in regulations, industry practices, and individual competencies. Regular assessments and audits will be conducted to ensure that Principal Contractors on the register meet the required standards and can effectively perform their statutory appointed role in ensuring building safety.

The assessment consists of understanding how the data subject person measures to their metric in terms of suitability to undertake the role of a Principal Contractor under PAS 8672:2022 recommendations.

The purpose of the ICM Register is to collect all relevant available data upon which independent assessment is made by appropriately qualified assessors then to robustly report findings in a competent manner with recommendation(s) where appropriate to assist a commissioning client to form own opinion as to appointment. 

Please Note: The Institute of Construction Management register removes itself entirely from any guarantee or liability for the data subject person and the data.   It is for the commissioning client to decide upon making the appointment and the ICM Register Report is only for information.

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