ICM Charter


As a Member of the ICM I hereby agree to the following: 


Chatham house rules prevail – I may divulge a matter outside of the ICM but I must not disclose any names nor sources of the information. 

I respect the confidentiality of both fellow members and clients and will keep information confidential if requested to do so. 

Integrity and professionalism 

I agree to act honestly and fairly at all times. 

I promise to uphold the highest professional standards and to act with integrity in fulfilling the responsibilities of my position and to seek to avoid any acts, omissions or business practices which damage the reputation of myself, the ABM, professional mentoring and coaching, colleagues and their organisations. 

I shall observe applicable law, regulations and professional conduct standards when carrying out my business activities and interpret and apply them to the best of my ability. 

During meetings I shall endeavour to be concise, direct, open and honest, not interrupt nor be disrespectful (including inappropriate use of smartphones and other electronic devices etc.). 

Continuous learning 

I shall keep records of meetings with mentees offering constructive feedback with action points where applicable and share them with another member in order to improve my performance

I am committed to continuous improvement of my performance. I shall endeavour to attend a significant number of meetings held by the ICM [in person or on-line]

I am prepared to give and receive constructive, open and transparent feedback

To benefit the Institute

I shall always ensure I am competent to perform all work tasks, project commissions, asked of me and will always strive to undertake my obligations to the best of my ability ─ and will always be ready to provide clear proof of competence to all commissioning clients or employers.

I shall endeavour to keep the ICM abreast of new developments which are relevant to its activities. 

I shall promote the ICM wherever possible encouraging take up and promotion of membership and attendance at events and learning opportunities.  

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