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The President and Executive Board send you our best wishes for the New Year ...

... this latest edition of our ICM online newsletter, the first of 2020 ... bringing you some points of important interest and points of view from around the sector ...


The ICM is a true grass-roots member led professional body with an open door policy that embraces all professional disciplines across the construction and property sectors ... 

In the UK the culture of Construction Management is embodied in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order ... that culture is failing the innocent folk who use the property and have no option but to rely upon the competence of designers, constructors, and the actions of property owners/managers to keep them safe!

In 2018 the ICM Executive Board took a bold transformational decision to lead into an industry movement and join in collaboration with other bodies to stem the race to the bottom and improve safety and quality ─ launched the National CDM Competence Registry™® ─ through 2019 explored and developed the strategy and collaborative links to move into 2020 with an exciting forward plan ─ and, a bold plan indeed! ...













AGM and National Rally ─ 4the July 2020 ─ Royal Wooton Bassett Hotel, Wiltshire

Institute of Construction Management  Annual General Meeting 2020

Saturday 4thJuly: 10-00am AGM in the Marlborough Suite (Members can attend AGM only)

Refreshments at 12-00 noon in the Marlborough Suite for attendees of the AGM plus wives/partners

7:00pm Reception to the formal Dinner and Dance in the Avebury Suite

Dinner at 7-30pm in the AveburySuite

Dancing to a disco until 12-00am

Friends, family and guests are welcome to attend





Six Seconds Separation!

the story of how a near miss at the interface of two hazardous sectors very nearly became a major disaster with great loss of life ─ only six seconds of separation!

Part 1 of a 2-part article published in Rail Professional ─ where David Jones ICM Director 0f Education & Training first explains the incompetence in those six seconds! and through the series will discuss the journey from unconsciously incompetent passing through realisation of consciously incompetent enough to gain skills, knowledge and experience to become consciously competent to practice and become culturally unconsciously competent to be trusted to keep all safe and well!


CDM4BIM Gateway Project™

  • unique BIM interface platform access for CDM dutyholders
  • Training + Certification of BIM Level 2 for CDM professionals
  • Tools to create and manage safety data and DRM information on BIM projects
  • Immutable, totally secure 'Digital Vault' for CDM documentation, data and more ...
  • Central Access for authorised Facilities Management
  • Graphic User Interface [GUI] capability for safety management + aceess interface for users of HRRBs
The ICM celebrates the 13th National Apprenticeship Week between Monday 3 February and Sunday 9 February. 
National Apprenticeship Week is an annual week-long celebration to recognise and applaud the success of apprenticeships across England.

Our IT Team working away in the background will be undertaking some very major upgrade work on the website in early February to make ready for the exciting future as we start 2020

... this work may cause some disruption over a couple of days and we do apologise for any inconvenience but out webmaster will display information on the website and we will keep the disruption as short as possible ...


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