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Welcome to the latest edition of our ICM online newsletter giving you some points of important interest and points of view from around the sector ... our Institute represents the principles and professionalism of the construction industry ...

The earliest record of an organisation representing construction site supervisors and now part of the Institute of Construction Management is that of the London Provident Association of Builders Foremen and Clerks of Works, founded in 1842 ... the Associations that were part of the original Federation became 'Chapters' (now our Regions) of the Institute - each Region has one or more delegates to represent them at nationally and that includes a Centre for Overseas Membership ...



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My personal invitation


David Jones ICM's Director  to come and hear my presentation

Construction Competence for a 21st Century Industry



ICM membership is open - grade range - our door is always open - join now! 



The ICM launched the National CDM Competence Registry™® at London Build 2018 

Open to all CDM Duty Holders and construction and property professionals

Apply for a secure, confidential, robust, assessment of your profile - follows ISO9001


The Registry is a high security digital vault built and constantly evolving to lock in data relative to competence with a distributive mechanism making data verifiable and independently auditable to provide the most trusted immutable data store in existence!

The ICM has created this unique open cross-sector central registry with the principal objective of providing a unified trusted defined certified assessment of CDM Competence

Built on a measurable set of criteria mapped to the statutory dutyholders' duties when appointed by the Commissioning CDM Client to perform the role of either the Principal Designer [PD] and / or the Principal Contractor [PC] on a construction project as defined in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

The Registry provides users and their commissioning clients with a immutable record accurate to the time of commission [not some date in the past!] and the unified nature of the Registry enables a risk management profile for any transient project team [where all the team individuals' records are in the vault] which is unique ...


Application for Registration on the National CDM Competence Registry™®



The CDM4BIM Gateway™ is opening sooon! ...


The UK government is requiring BIM Level 2, which is a more sophisticated use of BIM that features collaborative working and sharing of digital project information. Project teams (designers, builders, fabricators, and so on) use their chosen software tools to produce digital 3D models and supporting project data. Collaboration is achieved by the exchange of graphical and nongraphical information between the different parties on the project team to create a federated model (rather than a single, shared project model that is the basis of ‘Level 3’ BIM). The CDE described earlier is used to exchange this project information. The graphical data exchange formats could be native model files, Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) models, or some other agreed-upon file format, based on the direction of the client or the input of the tier 1 suppliers. Minimally, native model files are required.

The CDM4BIM Gateway™ will allow CDM statutory dulyholders, their clients who appoint them, and those who manage buildings a unique and secure access to upload data and documents to BIM and, vitally, to find and fetch appropriate CDM documents and data at anytime in the future ... but, if that's not innovation in itself, Team ICM are planning to extend appropriate access to residents of the UK's High Rise Residential Blocks in a unique and secure way so they may communicate their concerns to whoever is appointed to manage safety and fire risk concerns and be heard!

Contact us for further details ... or subscribe for regular updates ...

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