new ‘joint competent authority’

new ‘joint competent authority’

New ‘Joint Competent Authority’ - [JCA]

Landlords and building managers will be held accountable by a new ‘joint competent authority’

will oversee safety within multi-occupancy higher-risk residential buildings [HRRBs]

The joint competent authority (JCA) would comprise the combined expertise and knowledge of Local Authority Building Standards and Fire and Rescue Authorities (FRAs) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The bodies would not be merged but these organisations would provide those responsible with a framework to work from to “more rigorously assess building safety and would create a more unified and consistent intervention process”.

New 'clear and identifiable duty holder' - [Responsible Building Safety Manager]

The report, published on 17 May, states that a “clear and identifiable duty holder” with responsibility for building safety of the whole building would be appointed. That person in turn must nominate a Building Safety Manager or declare that he or she will take the role. This duty holder would maintain the fire and structural safety of the whole building, and identify and make improvements where reasonable and practicable.

There will be a requirement for the duty holder to present a safety case to the JCA at regular intervals to check that building safety risks are being managed “so far as is reasonably practicable”. The Building Safety Manager will also act as a point of contact for residents so their name and contact information must be notified to the JCA and to residents in the building.

Although the building owner or superior landlord must nominate a Building Safety Manager, accountability remains with the duty holder and “they cannot pass or delegate their accountability to the Building Safety Manager, but can delegate the responsibility for certain tasks to them”.

The ICM Competence Registry™

As soon as the final report of Dame Judith Hackitt’s review is taken by Central Government to create the statutory framework for safety across the UK's diverse portfolio of HRRBs the Institute of Construction Management will open its unique Competence Registry™ to provide the whole property and construction sector with a robust reliable and trusted certificated path to ensure the right person meets the right criteria to competently keep the nation's HRRBs as safe as reasonable practicable ...


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